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Apricot Kernels
Money-back Guarantee

Our seed is hand-sorted to a standard and quality that is unmatched anywhere in the world. We acknowledge that this is a bold statement, which is why we guarantee it. If you don't personally agree for any reason, simply return the remnants to us and we'll refund the original purchase price AND postage. We encourage you to compare them to all others available, and particularly those imported from India, Turkey, Pakistan and China. We guarantee our kernels are 100% Australian, untreated and living.

We package our product within clear, oxygen barrier bags. We're proud of our apricot kernels and have no need to conceal them or anything within them. We can guarantee that you'll find no mould or other foreign contaminants. The presence of foreign material is indicative that the apricot kernels have not been sorted by hand. If you're choosing to purchase apricot kernels elsewhere, inspect them thoroughly. If you suspect they're not everything they should be, we'll send you ours for comparison. There's no need to settle for an inferior product.

We also guarantee our product is aflatoxin-free.